Express Batteries New Online Store

Express Batteries has been selling batteries and related products into the UK market to consumers for almost 10 years. The old website was based on an ageing custom built platform that started to get a little restrictive, so we though that new site with more features and a whole load of new products would be a good start.

The site will start out simple, as we want things easy to find and clear... less fluff and more useful information. The product ranges will be populated over the next few weeks and will continue to grow.... we have warehouses full of product that need adding !!

The increased product range will include :

  • More Battery Types
  • Market Leading Brands such as VICTRON & DURACELL
  • Huge selection of battery related products such as cables, terminals, fuses split charge relays
  • and so much more !!!

We are also hoping to post some useful information at least once a month and are completely open to suggestions, if there is a battery related topic that you feel needs to be explained, clarified or simply need a little more information on please do let us know through the contact page.

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