DXL100 - DENKA Xtreme Leisure - 85Ah(c20)


Denka Xtreme Leisure Range

Sealed Maintenance Free Leisure Batteries with Twin Terminal Connections

The Denka Xtreme Range has been built to cope with the cycling required of a true leisure battery. Features include :

  • Special Paste Mix for Cyclic Use
  • Thicker Plates
  • PE Glass Matt Separators
  • Special Additives to reduce water loss and increase out of season charge retention
  • Labyrinth Lid with built in Flame Arrestors for Safety and reduced water loss
  • Carry Handles for easy transportation
  • Twin Terminals for engine and accessory connections.


AH(C20) : 85

MCA : 720

Length : 260mm 

Width : 174mm

Height : 222mm (top of terminals)