RING Battery to Battery Charger (Split Charge Relay) - RSCDC30 - 30A

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The Ring Battery to Battery Charger is a Charge control unit for the addition of a secondary or auxilliary battery to a vehicle. Very useful in Van conversions, Camper Conversions, Welfare Vehicles, Mobile Workshops, and any vehicle that would need a secondary power source on the go.

It will maximise the efficiency of the charging of the secondary battery while protecting the main engine start battery.

It is simple to connect and has fixed and customisable charging profiles for different battery types (Wet/Flooded, AGM, GEL)

It also has a built it high quality MPPT Charge controller for direct connection of a solar panel.

As this is a battery to battery charger it will work on the latest Euro 5/6 engines and those with smart alternators. Standard Split charge relays will not work properly on these.

We are able to provide all other necessary additions to fit this, including deep cycle / leisure battery, battery cables, connectors, fuses(circuit protection), battery terminals/adaptors etc.