DENKA AGM DK1223 - 12V 2.3Ah(C20)

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DENKA AGM VRLA Batteries are sealed rechargeable lead acid batteries.

These are used in a huge variety of applications and equipment including :

  • Alarm Backup Power Batteries
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Childrens Ride On Electric Toys
  • UPS Batteries and Backup Power
  • And Many Many More

Ah : 2.3Ah(C20)

Length : 178mm

Width : 35mm

Height : 61mm

Weight : 1Kg

These are a high quality upgrade and direct replacements for :

POWERSONIC LC-R122R2PG 12V 2.2Ah, YUCELL Y2.1-12, YUASA NP2.3-12, LEOCH LP12-2.3, RS Components 537-5450,  FIAMM FG20201